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Image The Barrier

The Barrier

Release Date 2020-04-12
Runtime 64 minutes
Genres Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, War & Politics, Mystery
Stars Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, Eleonora Wexler, Ángela Molina, Abel Folk
Directors Daniel Écija, Inés París, Néstor Calvo, Sonia Martínez, Pilar Revuelta

One family’s fight for survival in a future dystopian Madrid illustrates the disparity between two worlds separated by a fence — and so much more.

1. Another World


A family faces danger after being reunited in a dystopian Madrid; Julia's attempts to rescue an abused minor results in grave consequences.

2. My Sister Sara


Hugo asks Julia to pose as her twin sister Sara in order to get the proper documentation to recover Marta; The police search for Merida's killer.

3. The Lost Children


Alma continues her medical experiments on the children, despite serious repercussions. Julia grieves her loss. Álex makes a new friend.

4. Skin Contact


A distraught Hugo and Julia confront Luis with what they discovered at the CIM, prompting Alma to quickly initiate her cover-up.

5. The Innocent Ones


Emilia begs Julia to run away. Alma brings Hugo a surprise while the CIM is being investigated. Daniela asks for help reuniting a baby with his father.

6. Sitting Ducks


Alma celebrates her promotion with a large party, where Luis is warned about a secret government plan. Hugo makes a shocking discovery.

7. A Family Matter


A grieving Luis does everything he can to help a pregnant woman espousing dire accusations about the government. Alma meets with the president.

8. No One’s Child


Sergio's visit to Sector 2 unearths a stunning revelation. Enrique informs Alma that Luis is asking too many questions; so she confronts her husband.

9. Remember Who You Are


Julia and Hugo begs Luis to meet Sergio's parents. When Marta recognizes some familiar faces, Álex and Emilia come up with a plan.

10. The Shadow Zone


Manuela has a disturbing experience on the bus to work. The parents of the missing children continue to meet, while Emilia is threatened.

11. Alone Together


When Iván falls violently ill, Alma demands Alejo do whatever it takes to heal him. Fernando struggles to believe what Emilia says about his son.

12. The Speech


The president asks Luis to give an important--but misleading--speech. With Hugo's help, Julia takes a risk in trying to save Manuela.

13. Last Days of the Present


New Spain's citizens rise up in revolution as the virus continues to spread rapidly, infecting even the most unexpected of people.