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Image The Inmate

The Inmate

Release Date 2018-10-11
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama, Crime
Stars Ignacio Serricchio, Ana Claudia Talancón, Erik Hayser, Alejandro Calva, Mariana Seoane
Directors Inna Payán, Marcos Santana, Brigitte Broch, Jaime Reynoso

A former U.S. Marine, Lázaro Mendoza, enters a maximum security prison in Mexico (La Rotunda), under a false identity and accused of an alleged triple murder. Now as Dante Pardo, his mission is to infiltrate a dangerous band of inmates and guards that operate inside and outside of prison who are the prime suspects of the kidnapping of the teenage daughter of U.S. Judge, John Morris. Inside La Rotunda, Lázaro has to find out who carried out the kidnapping and the whereabouts of the girl.

1. Episode 1


Caught during a police raid, Dante is sent to a maximum-security prison in Mexico, where he's quickly initiated into a violent world run by two gangs.

2. Episode 2


To get provisions for a birthday celebration, La Unión breaks into Foca's stockpile of merchandise. Linda works on winning her deliveryman's sympathy.

3. Episode 3


Porfirio is faced with a matter more pressing than helping his brother find Linda. Dante hears a rumor about a secret route to the prison's old wing.

4. Episode 4


Dante stands up to chief guard Marcial, who challenges him to a no-rules fighting match. Desperate for cash, Porfirio negotiates a deal with Morris.

5. Episode 5


Morris recruits another inmate to find Linda. Frida learns René and Foca have disappeared. Tavares's men set in motion their plan to transfer Linda.

6. Episode 6


Jeremy is seen sneaking into the old wing. Morris ties up a loose end. The transfer plan is salvaged, but Santito's instability threatens its success.

7. Episode 7


After his men are ambushed, Tavares realizes there's a mole in his inner circle. A newspaper story shocks Dante. Florentino learns of Foca's fate.

8. Episode 8


The warden allows Dante to leave for 24 hours -- on one condition. A threat against his son's life sends Dante on a frantic hunt for a cache of money.

9. Episode 9


Frida seeks an inmate's help in finding Pablito. Tavares suffers another blow -- this time from Dante. Tavares's wife pays a surprise visit to Julián.

10. Episode 10


Tavares learns some of his drug trade is being stolen. Santito takes Dante to a secret place. Frida receives a case file on Pablito -- and his family.

11. Episode 11


Dante finds an inmate looking for a lost item in the showers. Frida visits Linda in Texas. A guard's murder brings the attorney general to the prison.

12. Episode 12


Dante gets a strange new bunkmate. Linda follows Jack and reports her findings to Frida. Roxana meets up with the attorney general at a hotel room.

13. Episode 13


An unlikely hero protects Linda and Frida. Tavares's wife sets in motion a plan to avenge her brother's murder. Santito learns who Dante really is.