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Image Count Duckula

Count Duckula

Release Date 1993-02-16
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Animation, Kids, Comedy
Stars David Jason, Ruby Wax, Jack May, Brian Trueman, Barry Clayton

Count Duckula is a vegetarian vampire duck, coming into the world as an accident. Unlike his family and ancestors, he has no bloodlust, as when he was reincarnated, blood was omitted and replaced with ketchup.

1. Around the World in a Total Daze


A famous world explorer is hired by Von Goosewing to challenge Duckula to a race around the world. Though Von Goosewing cheats, Castle Duckula still finishes first. Still, Duckula is denied the grand prize.

2. Manhattan Duck


The Count transports the castle to Manhattan, where Transylvanian style suddenly becomes the newest fasion fad. Seeing his chance to make a fortune, Duckula sells off most of the contents of the caslte, including Igor. Duckula and Nanny use the money to have a grand time in the city. Unfortunately they may be stuck there, since one of the things they sold was the clock that controls the transport mechanism.

3. Alps-A-Daisy


Duckula travels to a winter sports competition and tries to compete in every event.

4. Prince Duckula


After a TV appearance, a group of revolutionaries hire Duckula to impersonate a prince.

5. Venice a Duck Not a Duck


The Egg, the Crow brothers, Maurice the Strongman, Charlie the Clown, the Mutinous Penguins, Gaston, Pierre, Cruel, and the Phantom of the Opera all combine forces to get revenge on Duckula.

6. A Mountie Always Gets His Duck


When a Mountie tracks and catches a criminal in Transylvania, Duckula makes a deal with him: he will transport him back to Canada, if Duckula can be a mountie. Once a mountie, Duckula finds himself on an adventure to save the beautiful Ann Marie.

7. The Zombie Awakes


Dr. Quackbrain, a deranged psychiatrist, convinces Duckula to take part in an experiment and traps Duckula in his Dream Machine. It becomes up to Nanny and Igor to enter the dream and save the Count.