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Image Rosario Tijeras

Rosario Tijeras

Release Date 2005-08-12
Runtime 126 minutes
Genres Crime, Romance, Drama
Stars Flora Martínez, Alejandra Borrero, Kristina Lilley, Unax Ugalde, Manolo Cardona
Directors Irene Blecua, Salvador Parra, Roque Baños, Patricia Cuevas, Héctor Gil

Rosario Tijeras has been abused by men all her life, initially by her stepfather. Years later, she works as a paid assassin, seducing men and killing them when they least expect it. She meets Emilio, a wealthy womanizer, and his best friend, Antonio, at a nightclub, and starts an affair with Emilio despite Antonio's growing feelings for her. But circumstances bring her closer to Antonio, until her past catches up with her in a devastating way.